A view of Mountain in the Alaska Mountain Range From our Plane 'The Wonders of Alaska' Title Ruth Glacier Ice Field
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The most memorable day of our three-week trip to Alaska was the day we took a five-seater Cessna plane into the Alaska Mountain Range. As we sped down the rocky runway (when I say rocky, I mean that it was actually made of loose stones), my sister and mom felt the effects of eating food before being cramped in a small and very unstable plane. However, they managed to keep their food down and enjoy the ride.

Mountain Peaks Shown From Our PlaneOur pilot took us incredibly close to the mountains as she maneuvered through the range above the cloud layer. The view was breathtaking. It was amazing to be so far away from the cities below. It seemed as though the five of us, my family and the pilot, were the only ones in the world. We were all in awe at the beauty.

We gently glided onto Ruth Glacier, our flight's destination. The plane had snow skis on the bottom that allowed our pilot to land on the glacier. As we opened the door and stepped out, the bright-white snow blinded us. We each immediately sunk at least two feet. We were the only ones who had visited this glacier since the last snowfall.

Our Pilot Underneath the Cessna Plane Retrieving Her Cooler From Storage When the plane's engine was cut, silence fell over us. It was the most amazing feeling to be in this snowy wonderland that was untouched by humans. After soaking in the initial beauty, my sister and I started a great snowball fight in which my whole family participated. The glacier was like a huge playground to us. As we walked and ran around, our pilot loaded a cooler full of snow that she had stored beneath the plane. She was having an office party later and they needed something to store the drinks in. What a great use of nature!

Although a private plane trip initially seems like it is expensive, it is worth every penny. I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of the Alaska Range and how awesome it feels to be flying so close to huge mountains. To be in a place where no other people are around is incredible. It made me realize how powerful nature is and that it should be treasured and preserved. That plane trip made an ever-lasting impression on me that I will treasure for life.