My Family

When I think of those that are my family, I do not think of the traditional family.
I also include my close friends in my family as well.
When you go away from college, those people that you are close with end up being your family.

But lets look at my immediate family first.
My family in the Keys.Last Christmas my Uncle Frank took all of the family that lives in Orlando down to the Keys. We stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast. The girls went shopping while the guys went scuba diving. While I wanted to go diving, it was way to cold for me.
Graduation day...what a glorious day. This is me and my brother Jason. He still lives in Gainesville, but we hardly ever see each other. My close friends use to joke that I had made Jason up because they had never met him.Me and Jason after his college graduation.

Now lets look at my extended family.
Erin cooking dinner for me.Erin, on the right, and Rita, on the left, are two of my closest friends in Gainesville. They live in the building next to mine. Whenever we have free time, we get together either to cook dinner, or to go out to eat. More often than not we go out to eat. It is just so much easier than cooking!Rita sitting at her computer.

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