Guillette for Mayor
My Campaign Experience
Guillette for Mayor
During my sophmore year at college, I was approached with the opportunity of working on a mayoral campaign. I was excited about the possiblity of becoming involved with politics, and mostly about having something more to put on my resume. In January of 2001, I became the Director of Public Relations for Guillette for Mayor.

Adam walking with supporters to the Supervisor of Elections office.One of the first things I had to do was set up a press conference for Adam to announce his candidacy. We held the conference on the front steps of city hall. After it was over, Adam walked with some of his supporters across the street to turn in his forms with the Supervisor of Elections.
One of my most important jobs was getting Adam's name out to his constituents. He had to take time to get to know the people he was going to represent. Here he takes some time to talk with a man who recognized him on the street.Adam took some time to talk with a voter

Throughout the campaign, we handed out numerous informational brochures.
These were handed out primarily on campus because that was where most of our volunteers were.
A letter from Adam explaining his intentionsthe smaller basic flier we handed out to potential votersThe flier that told of Adam's three main issuesAdam was known for getting around on rollerblades.

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