Join me in a trip
to North Carolina

During the summer after my sophmore year at college, some friends and I took a trip to North Carolina.We stayed in a small cabin in the moutains of Maggie Valley. The cabin belonged to a family friend of one of the guys I worked with.Cabin in Maggie Valley,North Carolina.
The scenery from the mountains in Maggie Valley.There was a stream that went down the side of the cabin. The water in it was freezing. At night, some of the guys that were there would go swimming in it.
The guys ended up doing a lot of stupid things during that week. As you can see in the photo, Mike thought it would be fun to go surfing on the roof of the car. You can't see it but I am the one in the car yelling at him to get down.Mike surfing on the roof of the car.
The guys attempted to chop wood.The walls of the cabin were decorated with antique tools. The guys thought it would be cool to take down the dull ax and attempt to chop some wood. They didn't do a very good job.

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