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Trapped in Tallahassee

On my way home for the summer my freshman year, I stopped off at a certain spooky Tallahassee exit. It was my first time making the drive home by myself. Unforunately, I had chosen an exit that was an isolated part of town. In other words, I found myself in a seedy part of Tallahassee's outskirts.

I had to get gas and use the restroom, so I pulled into the nearest gas station as soon as I had pulled off of I-10. It took nearly 10 minutes to pump a full tank of gas since the gas pump was so slow.

After paying for my fuel, I found the bathroom facilities. I opened the restroom door and the latch gashed my the underside of my forearm. Bleeding profusely, I stepped inside.

The actual bathroom was disgusting. Dead bugs littered the floor and grime covered the walls. When I tried to exit my stall, I found that the door would not budge. I was trapped inside the stall. I tried banging on the door to no avail. I resigned myself to my fate.

Sweating was pouring down my face. I kneeled on the nasty floor and slid under the door. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that my blouse was covered in grease from the stomach-turning floor. At least I was free.

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