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Transformable Felt Headboard

Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult

Total Project Time: 8 hours


* 4' long curtain rod
* 2 curtain rod holders
* thick material cut in a square(width should equal the width of your bed and height should be twice this measurement)
* scissors
* strips of "velcro" tape
* measuring tape * several swatches of felt in various colors * fabric glue


1) Measure the width of your bed

2) Hang the curtain rod holders this same distance above your bed (if your bed is 3 feet in width, secure the holders 3 feet above your bed in line with the edges of your bed)

3) Fold material over rod as seen below

Example 1 Example 2

4) The material can be secured by sewing a line underneath the rod

5) Adhese "velcro" tape to various places on the material as seen below:

Example 3

6) Cut 9 circles, 9 squares and 9 stars out of various colors of the felt

Example 4

7) Attach strips of "velcro" to the shapes

8) Attach shapes to material in any form desired and change as often as wanted

Example 5

9) Hang up rod in holders and present your masterpiece

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