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Collage Bar Stool

Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy

Total Project Time: 8 hours (including drying time)


* bar stool (any size, shape, type)
* acrylic paint (3 colors)
* 1/2" synthetic paintbrush
* clear waterproof sealant (in craft section)
* 2" synthetic paintbrush
* 1 sheet of sandpaper
* magazine clippings of cool stuff
* wood glue


1) Sandpaper bar stool to smooth away rough areas and paint the seat with one of the paints

2) Paint the legs with the remaining 2 colors, alternating legs like below:

Example 1

3) Let bar stool dry for 4 hours or until completely dry.

4) Repeat steps 2 & 3 if necessary

5) Glue clippings to the seat of the stool, leaving as much background visible as desired, as seen below:


6) Paint with sealant and enjoy

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