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Fabric Memo Board

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Total Project Time: 3-5 hours


* approx. 36" x 24" of thin, light wood (such as balsa)
* 40" x 26" of material (any style and color)
* ribbon or cord (any color, but at measuring at least 10 yards long)
* scissors
* staplegun
* roll of masking tape
* faux gems, sequins or beads OR cute pushpins


1) Cut fabric so that is measures 40 x 26

2) Wrap the fabric around the board so that one side is completely covered and the excess fabric overhangs evenly

Example 1 Example 2

3) Flip the board over to the side that is not covered is on the top. Using the staplegun, staple the overhangs to the board like below:

Example 3

with the covered side on top, staple the fabric to the board in diagonal lines, like below:
Example 4
4) Place the cord or ribbon in diagonal rows on the board and secure tightly on the other side

5) Make sure to cover the staples if you stapled the front

6) The board should now look like below:

Example 5

7) Use the board to hold letters and photographs

Example 6

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