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Fabulous Table

Difficulty Level: Moderately Easy

Total Project Time: 36 hours (including drying time)


* table (any size, shape, type)
* acrylic paint (two colors)
* clear waterproof sealant (in craft section)
* 2" synthetic paintbrush
* 1 sheet of sandpaper
* roll of masking tape


1) Sandpaper table to smooth away rough areas

2) Paint table using acrylic paint. It works better if the darker color paint of the two colors is used at this time. Paint the table using long, even strokes

3) Let table dry for 6 hours or until completely dry.

4) Repeat steps 2 & 3. 5) Using 1/4" width tape, put tape on the table in horizontal stripes, leaving about 3" in between tape stripes. See below:

Example 1

6) Using the same technique, put strips of tape in vertical stripes over your table.

Example 2

7) Paint the table using the lighter color of the two paints. Paint in top of the paint, using long, even strokes. Be careful not to use so much tape that it bleeds under the tape.

See below:

Example 3

8) Let dry. 9) Repeat steps 7 & 8. 10) Carefully remove tape and enjoy your fantastic new table. It will look like the figure below, only with straghter lines (hopefully):

Example 4

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