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  •      My name is Charles Jonathan Odenz. To breifly give an overview of myself, I am currently a junior attending the university of Florida working towards my Bachelors in Marketing. As I begin my journey into reality I thought it a good idea to create a place where people can find out about me, my life and where I want to go in the future. The purpose of this website is to do just that, give an insight into my past, present and future.

         I will present both my social history as well as my professional one. You will have the ability to visit current, relevant webpages that relate to my life and more importantly for the recruiters who view this page, my resume. You will have the opportunity to view samples of past projects I have been involved in both academically and recreationally. My hope is to educate everyone about the type of individual I have become througout my experiences and through my relationships with others.

    Charles Odenz

         I will provide the opportunity to see who my friends are, who my family is and how they have helped to shape my future. People are affected by every person they come into contact with. My goal is to effect you as much as possible by displaying my qualities as well as my faults, my poor decisons and my good ones.

         Potential employee's, although presenting all this information may be bizzare and a bit unorthadox, my philosophy is that the company or individual seeking to employ another individual should desire to learn about the type of person they are. Many may accumulate experience in different ways, however, what they use that experience for is what matters. Applying lessons to realistic situations is vital to success in any situation. I will attempt to show you how I have done just that. Credentials are important, however, personality and atmosphere hold just as much importance. Step inside and take a look at Charles J. Odenz, Past, Present and Future.

    Webmaster:Charles Jonathan Odenz
    E-mail: Cjo8682@aol.com