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  •      My first Job began when I was 15. I worked as a cook at a vendor within the Hallandale Flea market. My duties required making meals, serving drinks, maintaining a cleanly atmosphere and developing loyal customers. The flea market's main customers were tourists from Quebec. In order to make money as a vendor we had to develop brand loyalty by having outstanding customer service. After working here for roughly a year I realized that being a cook was not the direction I wanted to take.

         I then moved onto the food industry in a different fashion, working as a busser in a high paced, classy atmosphere. Mezzanotte was probably the most profitable restaurant to work at at the time. My duties would involve serving customers, cleaning tables, running food, and assisting waiters. Although the pay was unprecedented, the management made it unbearable to work there. There were numerous occasions when clean silverware would run out before our major rush, bread would be cold and unavailable, dishes were served cold, managers would not be there ontime, and many more instances in which proper service and treatment of customers and employees were not expressed. For this reason I decided that mezzanotte was not for me.

    Eli Varon

         After many little jobs I found a home at Coldwell Banker working for a man who would eventually motivate me to succeed in a fashion I had never known. I was first Hired to Handle his marketing environment by sending out mailers and data entry methods. After repetition for about 6-9 months I felt I was capable of much more. Eli, my mentor in the industry, felt the same way as he decided to promote me to his marketing director.

         The first step in this process was to obtain my Real Estate Salesperson's License. After passing the state exam and during the process of studying Eli would train me in cold calling, contracts, listing presentations and MLS research methods. Once I began to work as a marketing director I would set up listing presentation appointments and try to obtain the listing. I would take on various projects such as developing a presentaion that was standardized for every listing.

         My biggest project took about 3 months to complete which was developing a comprehensive database of all the rental properties in broward county in order to set up a system to reduce time and develop efficiency in our corporation while maximizing our profits. My goal was to set up appointments with renter's on 2 days, saturday and sunday. Divide them by price and location and use the database of rental properties to spit out the top ten average choices and eventually have a relationship with each of those properties, making efficent usage of our time. I was also responsible for running comparitive market analysis for different properties, and prospecting by doorknocking numerous amounts of houses on a daily basis.

         In order to go to pittsburgh, I had to put my business carreer on hold. During my stay I had 2 jobs, one was a delivery person for Jimmy's Pizza and a bartender for Donavans. Both jobs were self explanatory, delivering pizza to the downtown pittsburgh area and serving drinks to high class customers in a rural setting.


  • Past projects
  •      During my work with Boals Design I worked with a team to create an initial marketing program for a new product created by David Boals. An art tutorial CD was created to teach a beggining art student. We developed a marketing program working within a relatively limited budget.

    Art Tutorial CD - Sample of Design 
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         Guerrilla marketing skills were utilized such as flyers and basic research. We ran focus groups to determine strengths and weaknesses of the product and changed aspects as a result. We planned to develop an in store presence with certain placement tactics, schedule seminars to create brand awareness and maintain brand loyalty with a club memebership with benefits such as free critique's of work and an art fair gathering held once a month either locally or via internet based. Our goal was to utilize technology to develop interaction and productivity in order for opur customers to learn the fundamentals of art and drawing by finding there own flair.

         I also worked on a pringles case competiton which challenged us to redesign pringles marketing plan given certain situations. With a team of about 11 individuals, headed by myself, we worked hard to develop a 25 page analysis of pringles past, present and future and the marketing that would be necessary to achieve those goals.

         I found that the most difficult part of the job was not the content or ideas that needed to be developed, rather the task of scheduling and coordinating everyone to meet and produce at a single time. When dealing with 11 different college students, with 11 different schedules, scheduling can play a vital role in success. The result was coordinating work times with small parts of the group with each other and splitting up different tasks. Each individual had a specific job within the group, either idea generation, researching ideas that were developed or writing a portion of the proposal.

    Original Screenplay-
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         Our ideas were original and were cost efficient. I learned a great deal about leadership and certain qualities that come with the position, about marketing techniques and competition on a massive level and the amount of research that is necessary to accuratly predict and generate ideas and outcomes of every action.

         Beyond Betrayal, although not business oriented, is probably one of the most interesting projects I was involved in. I was an actor in a feature length film. My character's name is Josh. He is a CIA analyst who has been trying to succeed as a spy for a while. His failure at the physical aspect causes him to become very introverted and develops low self esteem. He is then contacted by the cuban government to steal vital information pertaining to existing agents and change positions and locations of certain recruits.

         This experience, a dream come true so to speak, gave me the opportunity to learn about the movie industry and the mechanics of film making. Make-up, choriography, role-playing, Crew set-up, etc.. I also was involved in the marketing aspect of the movie as well. I researched different methods of distribution and awareness and promotion.

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