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Pi Beta Phi

I joined Pi Beta Phi sorority in the fall of my freshman year. I will never regret the decision join a sorority so early in my college career. Being a Pi Phi has made my college career. Without my sorority I doubt I would have made as many friends or would be as involved on campus. I would encourage anybody to go though recruitment. I have made friends for life. All my memories of my college years are filled with memorable experiences. I know my sister will one day be at my wedding, and we all will grow old together.

My little sisters and I at a Grab-A-Date.

Pi Phi Facts

Pi Beta Phi came to the University of Florida in 1987. With the help of neighboring, Florida Beta at Florida State University, Florida Delta had a successful fall recruitment.

  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Founded: Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois on April 28, 1867. Currently 135 years old!
  • Mascot: The angel
  • Symbol: The arrow
  • Colors: Wine and silver blue
  • Flower: Wine carnation
  • Philanthropy: Down and Dirty a flag football tournament that aide Links to Literacy
  • Famous Pi Phi's: Faye Dunaway, Anna B. Fisher and Grace Goodhue Coolidge

My roommates and I at Big Sister revealing.

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