Gainesville's Eden club has changed names several times.  It is not nearly as nice as it once was. The Palace is what used to be the Florida Theatre.  It is a nice club, but it is in the wrong city.
This is Gator City, the generic bar that replaced the Purple Porpoise.


Where I come from, there is absolutely nothing for teenagers to do at night. Once my friends and I could drive,we started making the hour-long trip to Gainesville at night. Six years later, I have gotten really tired of going to the same bars,only with different names. It might be because I am older, but today’s bar and club scene in Gainesville just is not as fun. It might also be because the bars used to close at 4 a.m. Either way, there are definitely three places I wish had stayed the same.


On most Thursday nights, about 20 people from my school would go to the theatre. Usually, most of us would pre-party in Keystone Heights and then make the mad dash to downtown Gainesville. Once we got to the club, being the dumb kids we were, we would run around, drink and grind on every girl we could. It was great! The next day, it was always funny to see who could make it to class and to notice how hung-over everyone was. In the following years, the theatre declined in quality and popularity. It was closed and re-opened as The Palace, a decent rip-off of a Miami club. It just does not feel right to spend that much money to party in Gainesville. Plus, the metal-detector wands are ridiculous.

***THE GRUV***

I spent most of my tenth grade summer working for my father, whose company designed and furnished most of the club. It was a hard, but rewarding experience. I got to party there at the corporate opening, which was the coolest party at a club I have ever been to. When it first opened, The Gruv was the nicest club in Gainesville. The owner spent almost half-of-a-million dollars on the lighting system alone. Most nights, I could drop the owner’s name and get in for free. Unfortunately,the owner left the daily operations of the club to his son, who promptly ran it into the ground. The new ownership has changed the club’s name a couple times and has generally let the place go to hell. I refuse to go to Eden now, but I hear almost nothing is left of the original club.


The Purple Porpoise was Gainesville’s most historic, recognizable bar. For years, it was the best place to hear local music. It had a character and individuality that most bars lack. Even though I got thrown out of there many times when I was underage, it was perhaps my favorite Gainesville watering hole. It was replaced by Gator City, the most generic bar I have ever seen. The girls dancing on the bar were terrible. Now, even they are not going to perform anymore. Whoever changed that bar should be arrested.

Created By Dana Mallard

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