The Covered Dish today.  It is now called The Drink The Covered Dish today.  It is now called The Drink


Since before I was born, Gainesville has had a large and diverse music scene. The city’s clubs and bars host different musical acts every night. Thankfully, the most common type of music local bands play is rock. With so many musicians, the city is a good place to learn how to play an instrument as well. These two features have shaped my appreciation and taste for music.


Back in the days of hair metal and power ballads, my parents bought me my first electric guitar. I was nine years old, but I thought I was the next Eddie Van Halen. I took weekly lessons at Gainesville Music Academy for three years. When I got better, I saved up some money and bought a new, nicer guitar at Sims Music in Gainesville. I continued to play through high school, though I never reached rock star status. I used to play a lot of punk rock because the chords were easy and that was the music I was in to. Today, I play slower, more complicated songs. My busy school schedule and a badly broken hand have kept me from playing that much over the last two years. Once I have more time, I plan to start playing seriously again.


Like I said, I first started playing guitar in the late 80s. Unfortunately, the rock music of that time, and the next couple years, really sucked. Later, alternative rock was good, but it was too whiny for me. From about age 12 to 14, I temporarily lost my mind and started listening to rap. That was until I started going with a couple of my friends to a bar called the Covered Dish. At first, I just went because it had all-ages shows where I could meet girls. While the girls were nice, the music I saw there stayed with me a lot longer. Local punk bands like Ann Beretta and Less Than Jake would tear up the stage and get the crowd going nuts. The shows I saw at the Covered Dish got me back listening to rock music of all kinds. I cringe to think how I would act or dress if I had kept listening to gangster rap. Unfortunately, the Covered Dish closed down in the late nineties and has been replaced with a series of low-scale dance clubs. The building has just undergone another name change and is now called The Drink. What a shame.

Created By Dana Mallard

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