The first hole at the University of Florida Golf Course.  It is my favorite course. Me hitting my drive at the 14th hole at Meadowbrook Golf Course.  I have been a member there for a year.
The clubhouse at the Gainesville Golf and Country Club.  It was the first course I ever played.


These three golf courses have had a great impact on my golfing life. If not for these places, and the Gainesville area’s four other courses, I would not be the golfer I am today.


I have been playing golf for as long as I can remember. After several years of hitting balls in my yard, my father took me to Gainesville Golf and Country Club to play my first 18-hole round. The course looked just as nice as the ones I had seen on TV. Unfortunately, it was almost as hard as the ones played on the PGA Tour. I shot a 108, which is the worst score I have ever had. Even though I was only eight years old, that experience made me want to be a pro golfer.


I continued to play golf for the next couple years. Once my game was good enough, I started entering junior tournaments at the age of 12. I won several tournaments throughout the Southeast, but the annual junior tournament at the University of Florida Golf Course was the only one I won twice. The first time, I beat the field by six stokes, my largest margin ever. I also was medalist there in a high school tournament. It is a very long and hard course, but the success I have had there has made it my favorite.


As a college student, I do not have enough money to play at many different courses. I have been a member at Meadowbrook Golf Course for about a year. The course is not all that nice, but it is short and fun to play. The best part about it is the price. They offer semester student memberships that add up to only $800 a year. I can play there as much as I want. Plus, they let you rent beer coolers for those long, hot days on the course.
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