In This is one of Aruba's many rocky beaches.  Some of them have cliffs, yet others are totally flat and sandy.


While I appreciate the many things Gainesville has to offer, I was excited to leave town for the first time in five months for my trip to Aruba. I went with my friend Cliff, who is from Aruba, during Christmas Break. I stayed in the guesthouse at his family’s home. The nine days I spent on the island made me never want to leave.


Because the parties in Aruba usually do not stop until around noon, I did not get to go to the beach as much as I wanted. A good part of my time at the beach was spent face down in the sand. However, the four days that I could actually function at the beach were some of the best in my life. The constant 25-mph breeze that blows across the island kept me cool for hours in the sun. The ocean was a perfect greenish blue and had an equally perfect temperature. Several of the beaches had rocks you could dive off of. Many also had beachside bars, which helped me with my diving. There were a couple good surfing spots, but I only made it out one day. A more popular beach sport was kite surfing, which combines wakeboarding with flying a giant parachute. Kite surfing looked incredible, but I did not want to spend the 70 dollars needed to rent the equipment. Maybe the best part about Aruba’s beaches was the incredible sunsets over the fast purple sea.


Even though I would love to live in Aruba, there is no way I could have a productive existence living in a place that parties all night, every night. This “One Happy Island,” as natives call it, can make you very happy at night, but very sad when you wake up the next day. Most people do not go out until about 1 a.m., and things really do not get going until about 3 a.m. Once most of the other bars closed, everyone would go to a club named Crowbar. Almost every night, they had famous DJ’s spinning until 10 a.m. or later. After the bars let out, I would either go party at the beach or stumble to a casino. In retrospect, I should have spent more time at the beach. The casinos were fun, but I think I could have found a better way to spend $300. Despite my bad luck, I had an unbelievable time every night I was there.

Created By Dana Mallard

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