Me standing in front of Alachua General, the hospital where I was born.

Welcome visitors! I am Dana Mallard, a senior journalism major at the University of Florida. I have lived in in Gainesville for the last four years, but I've been in and around the city my entire life. I've heard a lot of people, especially my yankee friends, talk about how much of a boring, redneck town it is. However, since I grew up about an hour away on a lake in the middle of nowhere, the places and things I have experienced in Gainesville have had a big impact on my life.


I was born September 7, 1980 at Alachua General Hospital, which is about a mile away from UF campus. I spent most of my childhood living on Lake Bedford, about 10 minutes from the small town of Keystone Heights. If I wanted to do anything associated with city life, I would have to make the commute to Gainesville. Once I got to the city, I could enjoy my two favorite hobbies, golf and music. I'll talk about the places I enjoyed so much as a kid.


As I grew older and able to drive, I wanted to experience the night life that my hometown severely lacked. My friends and I would drive to Gainesville and visit the local bars and clubs (do not ask how I got in). These nightspots, for better or worse, had a big influence on my social habits. In the six years since started going to these places, they have changed a great deal in names and character. I'll show you a couple of places that used to be a lot of fun.


My school schedule pretty much keeps me in Gainesville all year long. Iíve only left town once in the last 5 months, but I really had fun when I did. For Christmas Break, a friend and I went to the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba. I had an incredible time there and will go there again when I graduate this summer. Even though most of my pictures did not come out that well, you will be able to see some of the things I did when I was there. --ENJOY!

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