what I like to do for fun

I really enjoy riding motorcycles. I restored, with my father, A 1965 Honda Dream motorcycle. It's my pride and joy. I really want a Harley Davidson but I am not that financially secure yet.I think my father enjoyed restoring the motorcycle more than me. He is just like I am. He loves to fix things. I guess I like to repair things that are broken, even if I don't know what I am doing. I also enjoy writing and photography.

Check out this link to West Coast Choppers.They have some really sweet Bikes.westcoast choppers website

Photography is a way for me to express society through not only my eyes but also through the camera. I enjoy photographing wildlife and sports. Wildlife is great because because there is no posing. An animal doesn't care how it looks when it is photographed. I hate when I have my camera and the subject acts differently when he or she sees the camera.

Sports are fun to photograph because there is no posing as well. When someone is playing a sport, they are focused on the action. It is a lot easier to catch a natural shot that way.

I am also very interested in science and technology. I belive science is very crucial to the advancement of humans. Technology facinates me in how quickly it changes. Cellphones, computers, and cars are constantly changing with technology.
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