All about me

I was born in a small mid-western town, Wabash Indiana. I lived in Indiana for a very short period of time.I was very young and I don't really remember that much about my childhood in Indiana. I have however spent many summers since by birth in Indiana. My uncle has a farm there and I would work on the farm in the summer.

My father was an epidemiologist at the time, he is now retired. From my understanding, an epidemiologist works with diseases associated with blood. It is something that grosses me out but my father has always liked to help people and I respect him for that.

My father was offered a better job in Boston so we moved. I lived in Massachucettes for about two years. When we were in Boston I was very young two or three. I do remember the neighborhood I lived in. It was cool because we had a pool and a really cool playground.

Then once again my father was offered another job and we moved to Columbia Maryland. Maryland is beautiful. If you want to watch the seasons change, Maryland is the place to go. I lived in Maryland for about 17 years. I loved it.

Moving to Florida for college has been an awesome experience. I find southern people to be really hospitable. I also love the weather and wildlife. I love the fact that I can drive to the beach in one hour. I also love the fact that I can step outside of my apartment and see cranes and lizards and all kinds of wildlife. I don't miss the snow at all.

My parents are retired now and they live in florida. It works out great because I can see them whenever I want. My whole experience with Florida has been a positive one. Ever since I was a little boy I have been a Gator fan. I remember begging my mom for this outfit. It was a gator's shirt, shorts and socks. I wore that outfit out. Now I see it as living out a dream. I never thought that college would be this fufilling. There is so much to do in Gainesville.I think after I graduate I will stay in the south. I can't see myself making it through another Maryland winter. My blood has thinned.

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