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  • A shack in the mountains

    One of my favorite things to do is travel.

    I have traveled all over the United States and have visited most of the states. Last November, my friend and I went to Georgia. We stopped in Blue Ridge, a small town near the North Carolina border. The area was breathtaking. There were spralling mountains and hills. Here I stopped on the side of a mountain road.

    A Georgia mountain roadThe landscape in Georgia is very beautiful, particularly in the fall and winter. My friend Lisa and I have been on many vacations together. There is nothing more special than sharing travel with people. Lisa is especially wide-eyed when it comes to going to new places. Her excitement about places always makes me more excited.

    Lisa and I in the mountainsHere is Lisa and I on the side of some two-lane highway in Georgia. We spent a few hours in Georgia and then went over the border in North Carolina and then into Tennessee. North Carolina has some of the most breathtaking sites east of the Mississippi. While the mountains aren't as big as the Rockies, they have a special beauty only unique to that area.

    One of my dreams would be to work for a travel magazine or National Geographic. To be able to travel all over the world and visit interesting places must be a wonderful experience. Hopefully, Lisa and I will be going on another vacation soon.