Since I gave away my old, clunky IBM Thinkpad to a family member a year ago, I've been shopping around for a new laptop. I looked at Dell, Gateway and vpr Matrix to name a few, but found that some just too large to be effectively portable, expensive, teetering upon obsolescence or just plain ugly.

Based on recommendations from friends and first-hand observations, I started to consider Apple. There's only one problem: The last time I used an Apple was in the third grade learning how to use BASIC on an Apple IIe.

I finally decided to purchase an iBook, complete with an AirPort card, for total wireless nirvana, from a tiny company in Vermont. As of now, I'm loving this little white machine so much that I even decided to name it.

So in dedication to my new toy/tool, this project will be about apples - from Galas, McIntoshes, Granny Smiths to Red Delicious.

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