"When I feel myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy."

Silver Dollars Here's to all my "Silver Dollars." You all are my new schoolers, the ones who I have met through college and beyond...you guys are the REALLY CRAZY ONES!!! yall are SILVA DOLLAS HOLLA!

Karaoke night me and Zac girls at Swamp

BRITT- It's funny how we hardly hung out freshman year, and now you're one of my best friends. We always have fun together no matter what kind of ruckus we're causing! I'm so excited about you and Zac. At least now I'm not the only "miracle case" as far as dating is concerned! thanks for being the best roommate ever!

ERIN- I don't know if you know this, but Erin...you're my partner in crime! We've put up with alot together girl...boring classes, confused Delt boys, and even making baked potatoes. You're so much fun and one of the sweetest girls I know! **big hug**

VERONICA- ROADTRIP QUEEN baby! You know what I love most about you? You just don't give a f@*K !!! Go on with your bad self! Veeper...you're my HERO!

LOGAN- LONAG!! I must say Logan, you are much different from how I remember you in 7th grade. I think you give Veeper some competition as far as spontaniety goes...and I love it! thanks for being such a cool roomate, you really make the Townhole a better place!

JEN Y.- HO TRAIN! You're my girl Jen!! From Hoppergrass, to partying til the sun comes up (literally) and traveling coast to coast on roadtrips you're always a blast! Let's live it up again this summer and show this damn town how big girls party!!!

KRISTINA- BOOBS! hehehe...I love ya girl...I knew from the second I rushed you, you would be such a cool chick. and I was right! Keep up the good Boobs! oops...i mean work...? hehe **big hug**

SARAH- There's my hippie girl...now if there are two people who are different, its probably you and I...but I still love ya like a sister! Come out and party with us sometime. trust me. The accounting won't miss ya.

MY PI PHI FAMILY- All I have to say is....we're the most BAD-ASS family ever! I miss you big!! Come back to G-ville! Alexis...girl..keep on rollin ba-beh. Robyn, you're the best little ever! Heather and Mandi...you're the new breed of bad-ass. Yall better keep the party goin once we graduate next year! I love all you girls! **MUAH**

DA ASIAN CREW (yes, thats you Cat and Caroline)- HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!

KEVIN AND MATT- It's yo Sun-Dizzle! You two are the bestest guys ever! Thanks for being such awesome roommates(I kinda feel like you're my roommates too... ya know?)

ZAC- I saved one of the bests for last! Zac, I'm so excited that you're with us in Florida. I know you sacrificed alot to move down here for my girl and I totally respect you for that! Just know that you have an ass-load of friends here who ready to help ya out whenever need be. Your awesome!

SEAN- I saved my favorite for last...but unfortunately, you're on the LOOOOOVE page, cause you're sooo special.

Created by Sunny Kim. Email at Cocofire@ufl.edu

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