"When I feel myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy."

Golden coins Here's to all my "Golden coins." You all are my old schoolers, the ones who can tell about every single embarrassing moment I had growing up and the ones who I can think back on, and smile about...We've been there for alot of each other's "firsts." First concert, first crushes, first broken hearts and first drunken experiences!...amongst other things...right guys?!?! (yall know what I mean). Thanks for all the great memories you crazies, and I look forward to the ones that have yet to be made!

Danielle and Carlos' Birthday me and Carlos

CARLOS- You're by far one of the closest friends I've had. You're always there for me thick through thin...whether its listening to me bitch for hours or tagging along on a shopping venture (this usually takes hours also!). Remember this...pantene pro-v light mist conditioner, soft foreheads, "I smell like Johnson!," HB all the way baby! Thanks for being such a fun-loving guy who I can always count on! oh and P.S. sorry for picking on you so much in middle school...but you know the Pantene always worked!!!

DANIELLE- My fellow Gator chick!! What can I say??? We're soooo different, yet so strangely similar. So many things to look back on...Keroppi, Goldschlagger, stealing seats at the lunch table, mom's teal low-rider, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, so many things to look forward to...MORE dress shopping, surviving the KICK-ASS bachlorette I'm gonna throw for you, teaching me how to cook when I finally decide to eat real food and breaking it down with me at your wedding! Congrats to you and Mac...didn't I always say you'd end up together??? (who's right again! SHA-BAM!) Much love and best of luck to both of you...and when you're trying to think up names for your first born, just remember who stole your seat at the lunch table and on the way back from Disney in 8th grade so you two could sit together (yeah that's right, you owe me).

MAC- GO NAVY!!! Mac, I love ya, but if you hurt my girl....I'll kick your ass! that's right. Don't be scured...cause I know you is. hehehe j/k I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told that silly fiance of yours. You guys owe it to me to give your kid my name. I know it has more than 3 letters, but dammit, it's cool!

STAR- Another Gator girl! Remember when we used to always say how we're gonna go to college together and live together and yadda, yadda, yadda? Well we did it! Even though we don't hang out as much as we used to, you're still my partner in crime...From workin' it at the Oasis, those "fun" cheerleading practices, and to the "brownie incident" of 2001... Here's to 12 years of quality friendship homegirl! HOLLA!

THE TWINS- Where my girls at from the front AND back! no matter what, yall always roll together...Here's a brief synopsis of our good times...and the even GREATER times! Cheerleading, Crazy Wasi, New Year's eve time and time again, the "Goldschlagger incident" FSU/UF 2000, "One Grad Night!" "The thong girls," T-E-Q-U-I-L-A, Guinness ice cream, 4th period at the beach and "THE TALKS." I know yall remember all that and more! You two are my hot, Trini princesses...so you know what you gotsa do...GIMME A LIL SHAKE! YOU KNOW!

PHIL- Phil...I don't even know where to begin with you man. All I have to say is, you definitely caught my heart faster than anyone else ever had! Thanks for always being a laid-back, open-minded kinda guy and just know that you made a significant impact on my life in more ways than you'll ever know. **Hugs**

MARIAM- Omigosh! My little Mair's all grown up! Hehehe, I just remember having to force you to go out with me freshman year and picking out outfits for beforehand, now you went and got all sorts of cute on me! Go on with your bad self!! It's amazing what a few years in college can do to a person... but the one thing that never changes is your sugar-sweetness!!! Mariam...what I'm really trying to say is...I LOVE YOU. WHOOAAA! Just kidding, thought I was pulling a Francis on ya huh? hehe anyhow, you've grown to be one of my close friends over the past few years...and I really do love ya!

KAT- Kat is a Rockstar! All I have to say to you is...remember when you're working in the White House. I don't ever wanna pay a speeding/parking ticket again! miss you! have fun in Spain!

NIKI- Niki, Niki, Niki...When I think of you, three things always come to mind...(1)sitting in front of Pride Factory after we hit a very mean woman, less than 24 hours of you owning your new car (2)tattoos. lots of them. big ones. and (3) the color of my skin after you slathered lotion and dyed feathers on me for one of your shoots. hehehe...oh and one more thing, SHOES. lots of them! thanks for all the good times you crazy bi-otch! by the way...do the homepage photos look familiar to ya? hehehe. thought you'd like them.

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