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On December 8, 1979, I came into this world to an older brother (Francois), and two loving parents. I was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti along with my five other siblings. In 1989, my father came to the U.S. to have surgery and fell in love. In 1990, at the age of nine, my family and I moved to the united States. At first I was devistated because not only would I learn a new language, but I had to make some new friends FAST. The change of environment made me grow up quickly because the children in the fourth grade class used to make fun of me. I Knew they were making fun of me by the way that they were pointing and laughing. I was also an awkward little girl, by looks I mean. I used to be called all types of names because I was too skinny and I talked funny. When I left elementary school and came to middle school, that's when everything changed. I started speaking well because of my ESOL class and I started to dress better, therefore I started to make more friends. In middle school, ESOL was offered to students whose first language is not English. My first languages were French and Creole so I was put in the program so that it would not slow down my learning. So anyways in seventh grade, I got voted "miss popular" and thats when everything changed. I started to talk up more in a crowd, I made friends more and I became happier. So much for a little shy girl who came from Haiti at the age of nine. I have been living in the U.S. for over 10 years now and I can honestly say, I have had some GREAT experiences, met some wonderful people and travelled to some beautiful places.