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Gator Growl Since I was three years-old, I have loved all forms of dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, pom and high kick like the Rockettes...I have tried it all. However, my new favorite form is clogging, which is much different from the other styles of dance I have done. Only knowing tap, I have since managed to learn how to clog with a bunch of help. It has only been a few months since I started, but it has been quite an adventure.

My new knowledge and love for clogging would not have happened without the help of a great instructor and mentor. I have learned this new skill from Andy Howard, the director of SoundStage Clogging. Andy founded SoundStage almost two years ago and the group has been performing ever since. I have now joined the group and have perfromed many times. The most exciting clogging performance yet was at the University of Florida's Gator Growl, the homecoming pep rally. We clogged in front of 65,000 people or more. It was an honor to dance in the show and will be a favorite memory of mine.

This is a picture from Gator Growl
For more information about SoundStage and clogging, please visit the team's Web site.

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