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I have been blessed with many great friends throughout my life. I don't keep in touch as often as I used to with all of them but we all keep updated on each other's lives.

My best friend is Mike Tismo. He lives in Pasadena, California. We met when we both used to work in the same loan building in West Los Angeles several years ago. I am currently his two year old son's godmother.

picture of Mike, his girlfriend Malou, my godson

My other best friend is Francoise. I have known her since the sixth grade. We both attended Nido de Aguilas, an International School in Santiago, Chile. We hadn't heard from each other in several years until one day she wrote me out of the blue and said she was moving to Los Angeles. We became roommates and have been close ever since. She recently got married to a Chilean newscaster and has recently given birth to a beautiful baby daughter.

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