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As one of the requirements to receive academic credit for my internship I was required to keep a daily journal of my experiences and my personal reflections upon these experiences. I took this requirement one step further and decided to use these journal entries not only to chronicle my journey, but also as a way to share my experiences with family and friends back home.

Every night before I went to bed, no matter how late or how tired I was, I made myself write about my day and I then posted those journal entries every night to a web page. My 70-year-old grandmother who had never touched a computer before would check my web page daily to get the latest updates on what was going on in my life. Although many of the entries seemed insignificant at the time, it's very interesting to go back today and read about my experiences as I perceived them at the time.

I've chosen some of my more interesting entries to share here with you. You'll find a brief "teaser" and if you choose to read the whole entry you may do so by clicking on the date.

Editor's Note: These journal entries were originally created using Adobe GoLive web authoring software and as a result contain some of the original GoLive HTML formatting. They are intended to be supplemental material for this site, not as a requirement for the purposes of this assignment.

June 1- What A Day This Has Been "Today was certainly an interesting day. Lots of emotions running through my head. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Very. Am I glad that I'm here? Eh--ask me in a few weeks."

June 3- First Day At Work "Jonathan took me on a mini tour today. We went down into the underground tunnel system that runs all under the Capitol. There's literally a small city down there, it's absolutely amazing"

June 12- Martin Sheen "We came out of the basement of one of the senate office buildings and up on the street and guess who happened to be walking by? Martin Sheen!"

June 13- Damn Liberals "As I was sitting there I couldn't help but think how much I wish Grandma were sitting there with me. I know as soon as question and answer time came she would have spoken out with some interesting comments. Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage and thought it best to keep my little republican mouth shut."

June 17- 26 to 4... "Today I learned that I can no longer play softball. It was really quite pitiful. We were beaten by Mass's Asses, yes that is their real name, Democrats from Massachusetts how appropriate, 26 to 4."

July 8- Twenty One "I'm 21 today and nothing dramatic has changed. I'm still the same person I was when I woke up yesterday morning."

July 16- One Day, Two Job Offers "I'm very much looking forward to both jobs. As good a time as I've had in DC I'm really looking forward to coming home so I can start on my next great adventure"

July 16- Murders and Crooks "Well, today was an interesting day in the House of Representatives; we took on murders and crooks and voted to ban them both."

July 31- World War II and Vietnam "Well, I've at least gotten two interesting assignments to work on this week. Karen just informed us today that she will be attending a World War II anniversary event on Saturday and is now the featured speaker at the event. Helen is leaving town tomorrow so guess who gets to write her speech?"

August 11- If It's Not One Damn Thing It's Another "Have you ever noticed that nothing is as easy as it should be? This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my little D.C. adventure."

August 13- Never Again "I of course, had read about the holocaust and World War II in school and knew the stories of what had happened. But this experience made it all come alive in a way that it hadn't before."

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