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My godson

My family

My family

As a child, I didn’t understand the importance of family.

My siblings and I often fought with each other. Sometimes I couldn’t tolerate my siblings — my sister was a tattler, and my brother was mischievous.

Sometimes I joined my brother in his acts of mischief and “boy stuff.” We tormented our sister any way we could, and we often brought baby birds and other animals home in hopes of saving them – only to have them die anyway. Who knows how many mock funerals we had with baby birds tucked away in shoeboxes.

Me and Clay

As we grew older, the tormenting stopped, and we learned cooperation, especially when we figured out that all of us together could more than likely persuade Mom and Dad to let us do something that we wanted. That’s probably how we got to go to the beach. Because, who in their right minds would bring kids ages 10, 7 and 4 to the beach?

Me and Mom at beach

So, now we rely upon each other. My mother, father, sister and brother, give me lots of support from hundreds of miles away. And I return what little I can.

© 2003 Nyree Doucette
Portrait photo by Claudia Katz