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About me

Often I wonder when I first became fascinated with words, with stories, with reading and writing. Me, Clay and Christel

I don’t know. My earliest recollection of reading is with my mother as she read a story to my brother and me every night. Later, my brother and I were joined by a younger sister. We piled up together on the bed anticipating our nightly ritual.

So, maybe it’s safe to say, that my mother introduced me to words, stories and reading. And as time passed, I never lost my interest in words and all their capacities.

Words and the news

As a middle school student, I became interested in the news. I became a “Teen Times” reporter for my hometown newspaper and began a small newspaper — more of a small tabloid that I typed, copied and distributed — at my junior high school.

I continued along the same path in high school, working on the yearbook staff, and later, working as a receptionist at my hometown newspaper. There, I was drawn in to news. I could heart the reporters’ keyboards clicking with every tick of the clock; their fingers moving frantically to meet deadlines. There was a thrill in it all. And for a moment, I thought, “Forget law school, I want to be a reporter.”

And so it can to be, no award-winning stories, very few bylines and not much recognition, but I found my niche in the night as part of the copy desk at newspapers. I worked my way through various positions, including acting managing editor and assistant managing editor. I even tried my hand at public relations, but in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to go back to school to earn my master's degree.

From full-time career to full-time student

So, here I am today, at 29, a full-time, first-year graduate student in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida.

After a successful first semester, I am finally adjusting to a different lifestyle, and living on so much less than before. But, it's not so bad. It will all pay off in the future.

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Portrait photo by Claudia Katz