i started playing volleyball when i was about fourteen. my best friend
played and convinced my to try out for our high school team. as it
turned out, i caught on pretty easily. volleyball quickly became my
favorite sport. i played all through high school, and i now play on
the men's club team at the university of florida, and i frequenty
travel around the state playing in beach volleyball tournaments.

hitting in daytonaeven though i first started playing indoor volleyball in miami as a freshman in high school, i started playing beach volleyball when i moved to daytona beach, florida my junior year. in all honesty, i enjoy playing beach volleyball more because you are outside and on the beach...

...but in winter, you can't beat the warmth of a gym...setting for seabreeze high school

...in the spring, its back to getting a tan,
showing off your skills, and looking at all
the pretty girls walking around in tiny bikinis.

putting up da roof!!!

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