(I apologize for the unimaginative title for this section. I wanted to list some of the things that I enjoy doing, but since I love doing a wide variety of different activities I decided to simply list a few of my "favorite things")


The people who know me best know that I am a self proclaimed movie buff. In addition to my adiction to movies, I also enjoy the theatre and, my eclectic taste in movies extends to my taste in music. Here are some of my favorite movies, in no particular order:


The Usual Suspects


Say Anything...

Moulin Rouge

The Rock

West Side Story


I am a member of the Florida Swing Dancing Club. I joined the club two years ago. I am also a member of a dance troupe that has performed at Gator Growl and Dance Marathon. That was among the biggest thrills of my life.

PERSONAL I have also had the honor of sharing my apartment with three of the best roomates/friends anyone could ever ask for. Thank you Bishoy, Esteban and Matt for always being there for me, and for still being there for me. Also, welcome Cody and thank you for joining our dysfunctional unit...you've scarily fit right in.

My sweet Erica

This beautiful young lady is my girlfriend Erica. We've been together since February 14th, 2003. (isn't that sweet?) I'm running the risk of totally embarrassing her, but every time I see her, I simply come alive. She is a member of the University of Florida's Acapella Group, No Southern Accent. (I figured they'd appreciate the cheap plug) Check them out, they are fantastic!

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