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This page was completely, totally written by yours truly, Andres Buenaventura. If you want to use any of my pictures or whatever, just e-mail me.
The Trip (Page 2)

Mike, US Olympic Silver Medalist Rocky Juarez, and I.
This is a picture of my buddy Mike, U.S. Olympic Boxing Silver Medalist (He was absolutely robbed in the gold medal match.) Rocky Juarez and I. Juarez destroyed Isidro Tejedor in two rounds on this night, decking him down with some brutal body shots.
Greg, Malik Scott and I.
This is Greg, Malik Scott and I. Malik was a U.S. Olympic Boxing Team alternate. He fought Lyle 'Iceman' McDowell that night, pounding him with relentless lefts and straight rights and eventually forcing his corner to throw in the towel after the seventh round.
The whole hang standing in front of Corky's.
This is all of us standing in front of Corky's Ribs & Barbecue inside of the Sam's Town Casino. The food there was absolutely delicious and pretty affordable as well.

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