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The Trip

      July 13, 2002. On the day before my 21st birthday some of my close friends(Mike, Greg and Jim) decided to take me to the Zab Judah-Omar Weis boxing match with ringside seats. We have to drive for 14 long, monotonous hours to arrive at Tunica, Mississippi, but in the end it was all worth it.

Greg, Jim and I pimped out in front of the casino.

      I had an awesome time at the Sam's Town Casino in Tunica. While I wasn't supposed to be allowed into the casino since it was the 13th and I wasn't officially 21 for another 4 hours, the casino security decided that I deserved a present after they learned we had driven all the way from Florida and they went ahead and let me in. The picture to the right is blurry, but that's Jim, Greg and I standing in front of the entrance to Sam's Town.

Jim and I with Jimmy Lennon.

      My friends and I had the opportunity to meet some pretty famous people there. I got to meet Jimmy Lennon, Showtime's boxing announcer. He was actually a very friendly guy and he knew his boxing, to my surprise. That's Jim and I standing next to him in the picture to the left.

      I had attended the Roy Jones Jr.-Derrick Harmon fight at the Ice Palace in Tampa, but I had never sat ringside before. Watching a fight ringside is a completely different experience from watching it on tv. It's as if you're really part of the action, watching athletes compete just several feet away from where you are seated. I would recommend watching at least one boxing match ringside to anyone with the opportunity to.

There are more pictures and fight results on Page Two.