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This page was completely, totally written by yours truly, Andres Buenaventura. If you want to use any of my pictures or whatever, just e-mail me.
All About Andres!

 Portrait of Andres.
      Hi. My name is Andres Buenaventura. I'm 21 years old and I'm an online media major at UF. To the left is a picture of me at the Oaks Mall, taken by my girlfriend Wendy. I am a feverish ESPN supporter, and yes that is the ESPN The Magazine fleece I am wearing in the photo. I subscribed to the magazine a few months ago and I'm extremely glad that I did. How else would I know that Yao Ming averaged over 17 points a game in the month of December, yet he can't drive a car?

      You may have noticed the Japanese Kanji on the front page. I took two Japanese courses my freshman year at UF and am fascinated by the Japanese language as well as the culture of Japan. I would like to teach English in Japan for a couple of years after I graduate.

      I'm also a sports fanatic. I follow almost every Miami sports team, including the Hurricanes, Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and even sometimes the Panthers. My favorite sport is boxing, followed closely by football and then basketball. A dream of mine is to work for fightnews.com or espn.com or sportsline.com or any online sports news Web site. Getting paid for something I do for fun I think is the perfect job for me.

      I dedicated a Boxing page to explain my love of the sport and there's a story about my trip to Tunica to see a fight ringside on my Stories page. Why not go check them out?