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I thought I might provide a few of my own attempts at literature, though these are necessarily unfinished. These are a few pieces of my own fiction, a one act play I've been working on for years and the first two chapters of a novel I've been writing.

Interior, Exterior

Interior, Exterior is my free form one act play, written in narrative format but designed to be performed. While it has elements of absurdism, I see it more as a homage to Stoppard and Beckett, as well as T.S. Eliot. Read the text of Interior, Exterior.

Next To The Walrus

Next To The Walrus is an unfinished "novel" of mine, currently sitting at about two chapters. Don't ask me where the story is supposed to go after those two chapters, that's why I've stalled in writing it. Read the text of Next To The Walrus.

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