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Cover Photo from Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Aphex Twin 1992.

Aphex Twin

The ongoing project of British electronic musician Richard D. James as the Aphex Twin, this vision of "ambient," experimental music proves to be complex, yet beautiful. While using the occasional dance beat, Aphex Twin also uses ethereal sounds and hums to make a full soundscape.

Cover Photo from Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, The Orb 1991.

The Orb

Sometimes solo, sometimes collaborative efforts of British musician Alex Patterson, The Orb attempts to provide a more commercial version of ambient music, creating songs ranging from jazz-based to dance.

Connect to the New Music

We Are The Music Makers is an unofficial site and one of the best resources for electronic music, including Aphex Twin, Autchecre, and Boards of Canada. Well worth a visit.
The Official Warp Records Website provides an entire world of electronic artists to explore. Includes streaming audio, tour dates, articles, and anything else you might need to explore this important movement in music.

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