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Interior, Exterior

Act One Page One of Two

A man dressed in olive-color slacks and a gray
sweater enters a darkened metal room and looks
at one of the walls at random, or so we think.
He speaks to the wall.

"Might I have your attention for a moment?"
As expected, the wall makes no intimation of
recognition of the man's words.

"Please?" he asks urgently of that same wall.
It continues to be abrasively cold, as before.
The man moves towards the wall and studies it,
rubbing his right hand along its smooth surface,
searching for something, but we have no idea what it is.

"Gustav, I need your help," he says to the wall,
now speaking into it as if it were a microphone.
"Would you give me a break for a moment and please
show yourself?" the man says finally, as if preparing
to leave.

We now hear a muffled reply from somewhere behind
that wall, but we cannot discern what is being said,
and neither can the man.
"Gustav, although I do hate to disturb your work, or
whatever it is you are toiling on, I do need to speak
with you for just a moment."
We wait, along with the man, for any response to his
plea for help.
Without any warning, we receive it.

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