Using the Funnel

Now It Is Time To Start Funneling

The art of funneling is an easy one to learn but it takes a lot of practice to master. You start by cleaning out your funnel. This is especially important if your funnel has already been used. Next, you make sure the ball valve is closed by turning the handle to a horizontal position. Now go ahead and grab your choice of beer from the fridge. (Note: Light beer is easier for more people to funnel. However, it is user's choice. I recommend starting with a light beer and go from there.) Pour one full cold beer into large opening of funnel. Make sure to hold funnel by the top part of tubing so that funnel doesn't come out. Let the beer settle for about thirty seconds. You can tell if it is settled by the release of bubbles from the tube into the funnel. Ready for the fun part? Place the valve end of tubing into your mouth and hold way above your head. When your ready, turn the handle on the valve, open your mouth and throat and swallow as much as possible in each gulp.
CAUTION: Choking is common for first-time users who think they can do it all at once. Take your time when learning.

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