Steps to Make the Funnel

1. Cut clear tubing into two parts. One part should be six inches long (we'll call this Tube1) and the other part should be two and a half feet long (we'll call this part Tube2).

2. Insert funnel into one end of Tube2 and press in firmly so tubing is tight around small end of funnel.

3. Place the 3/4" hose clamp around other end of Tube2 and slide up tubing until you reach where the tubing is tight around the funnel. Tighten the clamp as much as possible by twisting the key on the clamp. This ensures that the tubing will have a tight grip on the funnel and will not slip off.

Hose Clamp on Funnel

4. Cut 3/4" PVC pipe into two equal 1 1/2" pieces.

5. Insert one of the PVC pieces halfway into the other end of Tube2

6. Place one end of the 3/4" ball valve onto the half of PVC pipe that is sticking out of Tube2.

7. Take the other piece of PVC pipe and insert into oppisite end of ball valve.

8. Take Tube1 and place on end of PVC pipe coming out of ball valve. Make as tight as possible to insure maximum flow potential.

Ball Valve Correctly Connected

Congradulations!! You are now ready to have some serious FUN!

For those lazy people...You can purchase a funnel online at

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