Below is a list of ingredients for the funnel. You can purchase them at any local hardware store or Home Depot. You may feel a little weird walking around with these items while any college age employees look at you and laugh. When I was at Home Depot purchasing the items you see below, not only were there giggles from employees, but there were customers who chimed in,"I know what you're going to do with that". However, the enjoyment you will recieve from your new toy will definately outway any embarassment you might endure. The total cost of the project is around twelve dollars.

Not bad for a bucket full of fun and a barrell full of laughs!

Funnel Ingredients 1. 3 Feet of Clear Vinyl Tubing/ 1 inch Inner Diameter
2. 3/4 inch Hose Clamp
3. 3/4 inch Ball Valve
4. 3 inches of 3/4 inch PVC
5. 1 Large Funnel (The Most Important Ingredient)

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