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Hello future funnelers. My name is Katie and I have been your web site tour guide throughout this experience. Hope you've had as much fun as I have with this mechanism. I'm currently a student at the University of Florida. GO GATORS!! I should be a senior, but am on the five year plan due to so much funneling. However, I've had a blast. I'm a Public Relations major and plan to go into a convention/special event planning business. Who knows, I might conduct a convention on funnel making. Just Kidding. I began funneling when I was four years old. My Dad made me a miniture funnel out of the car oil funnel. Please don't be that gullible... I really started funneling my junior year at UF. I now own three funnels, one of which is a double, and have gotten my friends involved in the whole funneling process. Contrary to popular belief, I still manage to hold my own at school. Don't fall in love with your funnel!!

Good luck with your new funnel. Hope you cherish yours as much as I do mine!

Katie With Funnel

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