**So- here are some of the most intriguing or just generally off-the-chain sites
I've been to recently:

  • the1025circle. A bunch of precious college women pursuing the Lord. A UF women's ministry (Westside... What?).
    Oh yeah, and UF's Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the junk.

  • Bible Gateway. Look up verses in a whole
    host of versions.. Just a great Bible resource, Christian organization network.

  • Order Bible studies, Christian living books, videos, tapes, etc. from Christian Book Distributors.

    (incredibly cheap prices) and NavPress.
  • Relevant Magazine. Insightful new medium exploring secular society and culture
    and how Christians live in it, not of it.

  • History House. the site is fabulous. Even if you don’t like history, you’ll like the commentary these folks provide. The guys who started the site graduated from Rice and attended the IB program in high school. They’re smart. I made it through IB too; I have no idea how.

  • Rolling Stone. and Vibe. Know the latest about pop culture. Use sparingly. (Viva La Kazaa. R.I.P. El Napster.)

  • New York Times. I was required to read it everyday for a class; it’s actually a hard habit to kick.
    They’ve got some really engaging features, about things like
    the history of strife in the former Yugoslavia and the diamond wars in Africa. Sigh. I’m a nerd.

  • I'm in college=no money. Independent Bands. and Grassroots Music. sell fantastic music
    for pretty dang cheap prices

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