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Winter in the Boulevard

The Inheritance

After Many Days

David Herbert Lawrence

Equally renown as a novelist and a poet, David Herbert Lawrence became one of the most prolific writers of the century, influencing most of the literary genres there after.

Born in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1885, Lawrence traveled extensively through Europe and even the United States in his brief lifetime. Much of the time, Lawrence found himself involved in different types of controversies. He was charged with spying for the Germans during World War I, and was also harrassed several times for his 'scandalous' books. The "Lady Chatterly Stories," for instance, was banned in England and the U.S. for being pornographic.

His poetry was direct and unmitigated, expressing immediacy in their tones. Both the poems and short stories of Lawrence attacked the industrial societies that he saw developing around him. To that end, Lawrence used the purities of sex and nature to gain what he believed were authentic visions of society. He garnered the affection of several young women, fascinated by his poetry, even though he was married. Sadly, he died of tubercolosis at the age of 44.

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