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Q & A With Jorge Aguilar

In the past you've made spurious claims about socks, haven't you?

People don't want to believe it, but facts are facts. One sock goes on the left foot and the other on the right.

Well, you did claim a couple of years ago that your greatest malady was the number of times your shoes get untied.

It still is.

That's a bold statement to make when you look at the problems facing our society today.

I just don't want to face the harsh realities in a dead sprint only to trip over myself.

You often speak of Dali's surrealistic influence on you. He played with his mustache. What do you play with?

That's a secret. But let me ask you: What do you hold near and dear to year heart?

The pen I use to give life to what my mind conceptualizes. I count it as another sinew.

You humor me. You've never danced salsa have you? Poor fellow.

No, I haven't. Have you?

Oh, no. I'm much to conservative for that. My practices on the dance floor are left of right, definitely. Or right of left as the case may be.

Touche. The case may or may not be.

That is exactly why I stress keeping silent and checking that your shoes are always tied.
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