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Hello! My name is Jorge Aguilar. You may be wondering what possessed me to put up a website. Simple. Poetry has always fascinated me and inspired me, particularly the work of these four men.

As an undergraduate at the University of Miami, my studies concentrated on the styles of Modern poetry. Though Eliot and Yeats have been admired in academic circles for a while now, both Lawrence and Cummings were fresh revelations of what could be accomplished with poetry. My goal in life has been to mix the intensity and depth of Eliot's visions, such as his estimation that society was in decay, with the playful experimentation of Cumming's work.

To this end, I am know pursuing a Master's degree in Mass Communication at the University of Florida. I am deeply concerned with the issues facing the world today, but feel it is necessary to write fresh and captivating works in order to be noticed from among the clutter of voices. This of course remains to be seen.

But at least I have my poetry to protect me!

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