Michael Benjamin
The guitarist is a friend of my cousin Reginald.
Micheal Benjamin has a hit song on Haitian radio.

Above: Me, Reggie, my brother, a guy whose name I forgot,
and Serge-Claude, my step-brother. This picture was taken in Kenscoff, a town in
the mountains.

Jacmel is very popular beach town.
The French loved the area so much that they ensured that the city had electricity 24/7.
This is a luxuary most Haitians, even the wealthy ones, do not have. This picture is taken
from a beach hotel.

Above: Architecture in Jacmel.

All of us decide to eat at Pizza Jardin (Garden Pizza).
It's a pretty popular place to eat in Petion-Ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.

My youngest cousin, Claude-Alain, and I stop for ice cream.