Sunshine State
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Mr. America
Massachusetts: Pahk the cah in the Hahvahd yahd, chowdah head!

After another year in SoCal, we made the trek across the U.S. once again, this time to Eastern Masschusetts. Both my parents had family up there, so it was a logical choice. I definitely wasn't into the whole cold weather thing, but just as I had previously adapted to my new surroundings, I knew I could handle this. Boston was only a 15 minute ride, and I soon learned that--like D.C.--

it was very historic (Fanueil Hall).
My uncles took me to famous places in the city to watch sports like:
Fenway Park
and the Boston Garden.
I immediately became a die-hard, lifelong Boston fan. If you didn't know, they take sports VERY seriously up there.
My best friend Matt and I went buckwild when the New England Patriots finally won it all this year. SUPERBOWLLLLLLLLL!
I spent the rest of middle school and high school in Framingham, MA, slowly getting accustomed to the crazy accent they "hahv theyah." I was a Mass guy now (that's where I say I'm from today), and that suited me fine. It was easier than getting out a map to really explain where I was from...

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