Sunshine State
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Florida: C'mon ya'll, do the Gator Chomp!

Our last stop is sunny Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators...
where football is an obsession.
There's a huge sense of school spirit that I've never witnessed anywhere else. I think Gators clothing ranks right up there with Gap and Abercrombie here on campus as far as popularity goes. Also, there are like a million different kinds of plants here: from palm trees to pine trees, the green just keeps on coming.
Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a greenhouse!
According to a study a couple of years ago, Gainesville was the most livable place in the United States. I've been here 2 months, and so far I can't complain.
There's 40,000 new people to meet, 40+ bars and clubs to party at, and the Greek life is alive and well --I'm not going anywhere.
After two and a half years at Delaware, I needed to get serious about school and focus on the major I wanted. UD didn't offer journalism, and the University of Florida had one of the best journalism programs in the country. It was also warmer--I couldn't turn it down. So here I am, a nomad if you will.
I feel right at home here, with all the guys at the Phi Kappa Tau chapter at UF welcoming me very warmly.
But at the same time, I don't have a home--I have many. And I feel very lucky and privileged to have met so many people and been so many places. I'm not going to lie, moving sucks when you keep having to make new friends all over again. But it also gives you the chance to share new memories with new friends, and grow as a person even more. I hope you have enjoyed this trip across the United States, because I sure have. I'll leave you with this one piece of advice: travel. That's right, get up out of your seat from your computer and get out there! The world is full of memories just waiting to be discovered...

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