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When it got around to choosing colleges, I wanted to get as far away from home as my mom would allow me. I liked meeting new people from different areas, and the University of Delaware was two-thirds out of state, so the choice was clear:
I was to become a Blue Hen.
Newark, Delaware is definitely in the middle of nowhere, but the campus is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country.

Also, it is basically centerpoint of the Atlantic seaboard, so trips to Philly, Balitmore, beaches, and NYC are not very far. I definitely came out of my shell at UD, encountering so many personalities--and so many women. The girls are plenty and pretty there:
its 60% girls and 40% guys, and Playboy rated us as having the hottest girls for any school one year. Need I say more?
I made many close friends at UD, true friends that are true to themselves.
Here I am with my boy Justin on a 6-hour train ride going home to New England for Thanksgiving. We had our turkey early--100 proof Wild Turkey that is. That train ride sure flew by.
This is at UD's Homecoming with guys I've been friends with since freshman year. We're all from different states, but you won't find a tighter group of guys around.
Here's my pledge brother Adam with the Phi Tau dog, Rocco. What up dog!
You only turn 21 once, so my boy Uli and I did 23 shots in 2 hours for our birthdays (this was after our tenth, if you couldn't tell). We're still alive, hells yeah muhfuckaaaaa!
Wait, someone's missing...none other than our kitten, Leeroy Brown, the baddest cat in town! <
Even though I transferred after the first semester of my junior year, it was only because of my major. I'll never forget the Dickie 2A posse and Phi Kappa Tau-Alpha Gamma. I'll be back guys!

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