Dana Scully

Special Agent Dana Scully, a medical doctor with a speciality in forensics, was originally assigned to the X-files in 1992 to debunk the work of Fox Mulder. A skeptic to the very core, Scully believes that there is a scientific explanation behind every X-file.

Against her parents wishes, Scully originally taught at Quantico in the FBI's training academy. After years of working with Agent Mulder, however, her trust in his instincts and respect for his integrity has gently eroded some of Scully's skepticism. She finds her faith in a scientific and orderly universe constantly challenged by the cases she persues with Mulder.

Over the years, Scully has sacrificed much of her own life for the causes of the X-files. In 1994, she was abducted and left infertile by a series of mysterious tests. Upon her return, Scully then discovered a cancerous chip was placed in the base of her neck. Almost defeated by the fatal disease, another chip was later implanted that brought her condition into remission.

After years of infertility, Scully somehow became pregnant and gave birth to a son in 2001. Although William was born healthy, Mulder and Scully are slowly beginning to realize that there's more to this child than just a miracle. In fact, William is believed to be the key to every conspiracy within the X-files.

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